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مزارع مصري يتوضأ و يصلي بالقرب من الأهرامات سنة ١٩٤٢
An Egyptian farmer praying near the Pyramids 1942

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Women of My Lands Series - Iranian Artist GITA MEH

Women situate us in the world. People who bring us the knowing of being here on earth and how to feel in the now. Women who hold our hands and teach us our first steps to life. People who sit by our cradles and care for us night after night. People who teach us the first words we come to learn. They give us the approximation of distinguishing our identicalness to how we perceive the world surrounding us. Why? Because, they do describe something to us that is inaccessible in form and language of life through nourishing us with love.

Women of My Lands” is a series of female figures that depicts women who I have meet and got to know through out my 27 years of migratory life, women who have nourished, provided, thought, validated, confirmed and supported me, that which made my arrival to where I am today possible. - Gita Meh

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art meme: 2/? colors: blue

Albert Fuller Graves - On the Deck; Henri Le Sidaner - Les vieilles maisons, Quimperlé; Ambrose McEvoy - Elizabeth JohnsonSøren Emil Carlsen - The Ocean at Sunrise; Anton Von Maron - Anna Pieri Brognole Sale; Rosalba Carriera - Maria Theresa, Archduchesse of Habsburg; Anthony van Dick - Portrait of Marie-Louis de Tassis; Jean-Honoré Fragonard - Les Hasards Heureux de l’Escarpolette; John Singleton Copley - Mrs. Daniel Sargent

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